Hello and welcome to Small Bear!

About me
My name is Andrew and I’m the creator of this thing. The idea for Small Bear came about from stories my wife and I told each other as we drove back and forth across Washington state (it’s a bigger state than you think) in an old truck with a broken radio. I currently live on the west side of this state and just completed my MBA at Bainbridge Graduate Institute.

About Small Bear

Set in a land not unlike our own, except populated by sentient and grumpy bears, bunnies, and weasels, Small Bear follows the adventures of an intrepid small bear as he navigates his way through life and meets an unlikely companion.

I really wish I had a panel to show you! I looked everywhere, but the idea sheets I made a few years ago when this story first took hold have disappeared. The best I can come up with is this character sketch I made for a bunny, which has been hanging out on our fridge for awhile:

bunnies in three panels

If you know me in real life, then you know exactly who this is! And yes, she really does say these things all the time.

When will you start updating?
The first panel is due to be unveiled on August 3, 2013!

Can you remind me when the time comes?
You can sign up for updates using the form below if you want to know more.

Cool! I’m looking forward to it.
Thanks for dropping by! Be sure to sign up and check back soon.